Mobile or Manufactured Homes

Most mobile or manufactured homes fit a single type and are easily recognizable. Can you identify yours?


Many homes have clues to help you ID them from the street. In all cases additional steps are needed, but this provides a rapid way to spot home types.

Common Problems in an Earthquake

In past earthquakes engineers have spotted common damage patterns. This section will describe common problems before you take the Quiz and get more information.


Many Bay Area homes don’t fit nicely into a single category. If your home fist more than one type, take the quiz for both.


Spoiler Alert! The next step is always to take the quiz. Use this website to help you accurately ID your home type. The Quiz will provide steps a building owner can take to confirm or address vulnerabilities.

Mobile or Manufactured Homes

Mobile Homes

Also Called:  Manufactured Homes

Mobile and manufactured housing is found in pockets across the Bay Area. The walls of mobile homes are fairly seismically resilient because they are designed to resist high wind loads during transportation, but the homes are often highly vulnerable because many do not have a proper bracing system below the floor or a proper foundation.

Identifying features: 

  1. The homes are often in a neighborhood specifically designated for mobile or manufactured housing.
  2. The homes are often placed on concrete blocks or steel piers 2-4 feet above the ground.
  3. Most manufactured and mobile homes have a steel chassis under the first floor, enclosed by covering panels of aluminum or plywood.

Common Problems in an Earthquake: 

In an earthquake, these homes can fall off their supports, damaging the home and rupturing utility connections (gas, water, sewer) which can cause fires.

Next Steps: 

Identifying your home’s type is just the start. Find out more important information about your home in the Earthquake Home Safety Quiz.

Learn more about your house, apartment or home

Identifying your home is just the start, there is more important information about your home in the Earthquake Home Safety Quiz.